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Dakshin offers courses aimed at equipping Mechanical Engineers, both graduate and budding, with domain knowledge pertaining to the energy industry. Identification, production, distribution and consumption of energy span activities that touch every human being. It is evident that the scope and magnitude of such an economic activity of universal reach is immense. A course seeking to cover every aspect of such a domain can only be of perpetual duration and pose a daunting task to a student aspiring to master such a domain.

Dakshin’s team of professionals has joined together with the ambitious project of devising courses that break down the domain into manageable portions. They have drawn upon their diverse background to identify aspects essential for a proper understanding of the energy domain. Course content has been compiled to enable students to enter the field with confidence and provide them with the necessary foundation on which they can build as they continue their career. Courses are structured to span four months in duration, long enough to cover salient features of the domain and short enough to appeal to students just out of or still in college. Dakshin believes in “train the trainer” philosophy and fully competent professionals are entrusted the task of teaching the course. Students will have opportunity to interact with Dakshin’s subject matter experts to expand their knowledge and for practical guidance.

Successful completion of the course will enable students to distinguish themselves from competition. The domain knowledge that they have acquired will make them more attractive to the prospective employers. It helps the employers to save on training and the employee to achieve a steeper learning curve on the job.

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Student Qualifier: The course will be intense and rigorous. Students should expect an on-the-job curriculum in a college like environment. Dakshin expects students to be competent in certain areas of mechanical engineering. Possession of those skills will make it easier on the students to assimilate the knowledge the course contains. Dakshin will administer a proprietary screening test to identify students whom it thinks will be able to successfully complete the course and derive the maximum benefit from it.